About SponsorMap

SponsorMap is a research tool providing significantly improved measurement of sponsorship effectiveness. It is has been used in more than 40 countries across the globe to assess the impact of sponsorship. Unlike other approaches, it is based on consumer input and the theory of sponsorship, as opposed to old school methods of counting logos or focusing on sponsor awareness. The tool itself is used to for sponsorship tracking, measuring events, pre-testing sponsorships, broadcast sponsorship and for measuring corporate hospitality. Importantly, it also measures many forms of experiential marketing where the brand owns the property experience. SponsorMap it is a research tool designed specifically to measure in particular the complex elements of the sponsorship brand/property/consumer relationship. It measures the five essential ingredients in any sponsorship: attention, understanding, emotional engagement, appreciation and commitment. SponsorMap isolates what is working most effectively with a sponsorship and where impact is occurring on key brand metrics. The five key stages of SponsorMap are: Attention: The point of initial exposure to the sponsor by an audience whilst the audience is enjoying an event/property. (It can be sport, a team, a personality, a TV show, a cause or an event – it is the ‘experience’) Understanding: The levels to which people are able to recall sponsors of the event/property. Engagement: The Passion an audience has for an event/property. Appreciation: The gratitude or appreciation people may feel towards sponsors for the sponsor’s involvement with the event/property. Commitment: The change in attitudes or behaviour that can be a change in attitude or behaviour towards a sponsor/brand that is a direct result of the sponsorship. To learn more about SponsorMap and how to provide better ROI for sponsorship please download our main brochure.