Some SponsorMap Case Studies

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FMCG Brand Engagement – Sponsorship ROI

One of the key questions for sponsorship in general is how do you know the brand impact? What does it look like? In this case we will look at the case of a FMCG sponsor that wanted to gauge the extent of the impact of the sponsorship on core brand marketing metrics. Some of the […]

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Case Study on Measuring Sponsorship ROI in the Automotive Category

Measuring Sponsorship ROI in the Automotive Industry View more presentations from Nicholas Cameron

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Case Studies for Measuring Sponsorship ROI

SponsorMap provides a methodology to measure sponsorship effectiveness for both sponsors and properties. The attached document provides an overview of SponsorMap and its application for three case studies. Importantly, SponsorMap is applied for to provide meaningful measurements of deliverables from a sponsorship. Some Sponsorship ROI Case Studies View more presentations from SponsorMap.

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