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The Sponsorship ROI Question and the London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics 2012 are only a few months away and the eyes of the world will be focused on the world’s best and their quest for medals and Olympic gold. With a global TV audience of over 4 billion, 8 million spectators, 10,000 athletes and more than 200 countries competing London 2012 is the […]

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Sponsors Need to Step Forward and Take Ownership of the Sponsorship ROI Issue

The issue of measuring sponsorship return on investment has plagued the sponsorship industry for more than two decades. There has been a perception that sponsorship is difficult to measure and that the methodology has been the issue. Often, it has been claimed that research providers are not delivering the type of metrics needed to justify […]

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‘How to more Effectively Measure Sponsorship ROI – Webinar for Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Agencies

Key areas covered include: – Structuring ROI into the overall sponsorship framework – Setting Realistic and Measurable ROI Objectives – Measuring Sponsorship ROI and working with sponsors – Sample Outputs and success stories There will be a limited number of places available . The length of time for the webinar is expected to be 30 […]

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The Tiger Woods Scandal – Lessons in Sponsorship ROI

In the world of professional golf, the major player of the decade has been Tiger Woods. He has captured the passions of millions of people with his golfing success and contribution to the community over the years. He has enabled many brands to communicate more effectively by being a powerful brand spokesperson and contributed to […]

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The Sponsorship ROI Debate

Sponsorship measurement is in a state of rapid change at the moment. Sponsorship ROI is top-of-mind for a lot marketers, with sports marketing and sponsorship under a lot a pressure to demonstrate effectiveness. In September, at the Sports Business Journal Relay Worldwide Sports Sponsorship Symposium in the United States and the Marketing Week Sponsorship Summit […]

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Research a Priority in Assessing Sponsorship

Marketing Week, a leading UK marketing magazine is reporting a trend towards much increased use of marketing research in sponsorship “Research is becoming an increasingly important tool to prove the value of sponsorship in an economic environment where investment is coming under greater scrutiny, according to sponsorship professionals. In a panel discussion about demonstrating sponsorship’s […]

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Measuring the Value of an Arts Sponsorship

Sponsorship of the arts can be a valuable way for companies to engage with the public today but its value to potential sponsors is not well understood in terms of measurement. Whilst arts sponsorship is often the poor cousin to sports sponsorship in terms of dollars, it has unique features which are very attractive and […]

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Sponsorship Research and ROI Webinars August

August sponsorship ROI webinars are in preparation as we are taking a break in July. These are the dates for August’s Sponsorship ROI webinars. As always, the webinar is free and is for those properties, sponsors and agencies seeking to learn more about sponsorship measurement. A presentation is conducted via the internet with a conference […]

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Sponsorship Ranks Highly on Trust with Today’s Consumers

There were some very interesting survey findings released recently by AC Nielsen in their Global Online Consumer Survey of more than 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries. What was highlighted was consumers have a very high level of ‘trust’ in sponsorship itself. A full 64 percent of consumers surveyed in April said they trust brand […]

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Man Utd – Signs New Sponsor Despite Tough Economic Environment

When Manchestor United’s troubled sponsor, AIG indicated in January this year that they were not going to renew their sponsorship in May 2010 there were quite a few comments in the broader media that sponsorship was in for a major decline. Very often, the loss of AIG by Man Utd was mentioned in conversation as ‘proof’ […]

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