FedEx Increasing Focus on Event Marketing in New Media Landscape

Federal Express has indicated that they are heavily committed to sports sponsorship and marketing as part of their overall marketing programme. Mike Glenn, FedEx executive vice-president for market development revealed in the official FedEx company blog on December 2 that the company is more committed to sports sponsorship and event marketing in the current environment.

“We invest in sports for very good reason. Unlike years back when there were only three networks, we now compete with more than 150 cable and satellite channels. It’s incredibly difficult to reach customers in this cluttered realm.

One exception is sports where huge audiences are drawn to live events. NFL games are the #1 rated sports show on television and NASCAR races are #2. FedEx must have a presence in these venues to reach customers. In addition, our research shows that people making shipping decisions are sports fans. We carefully analyze the demographic profile of shippers and this has been a recurring characteristic.”

That a large company like Fedex is committed to sports marketing and sponsorship as a key element of the overall marketing strategy is again demonstrating the paradigm shift from traditional advertising to other areas such as sports sponsorship.

FedEx is also investing in measurement of sponsorship ROI from these events and sponsorship. In fact, FedEx claims it gets a return on investment of $4 to every $1 spent on sports marketing, on average with some promotions even generating up to $14 for every $1 spent.

What FedEx is demonstrating is the media landscape has brought sponsorship and event marketing to the forefront of marketing itself. Traditional advertising, including a reliance on advertising tracking measurement alone is a thing of the past.

Sponsorship, is where the focus is for the marketing and for measurement that should include sponsorship measurement and ROI.

A link to the FedEx blog can be found here

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