FMCG Brand Engagement – Sponsorship ROI

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One of the key questions for sponsorship in general is how do you know the brand impact? What does it look like? In this case we will look at the case of a FMCG sponsor that wanted to gauge the extent of the impact of the sponsorship on core brand marketing metrics.

Some of the key questions should be answered by research include:

Q. How many target consumers have been engaged by the sponsorship?

A. We know that 15.4 million target consumers are passionate for this property and that almost 10 million can recall our sponsorship. We also know that 6.3 million consumers are delighted that we sponsor it.

Q. Did it impact on our key brand metrics of brand trial, brand advocacy and brand used most often?

A. There are significant lifts on brand performance metrics. These are strongest with passionate fans and those delighted that our brand is associated with the property. The are all directly linked to the sponsorship itself which will be tracked over time to see how they change.

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