Pre-Testing A Bank Sponsorship


We were required a evaluate several sponsorship properties options for a large European bank. They had narrowed their selection down to three main possibilities but wanted conduct some market research with their core target audience to better understand how the market would react for each option.


Use a quantitative test to evaluate the three options in levels of level of engagement, sponsorship fit, alignment with core brand values and potential avenues for activation.


All the three potential sponsorship properties were know to the target audience by one in particular had a much higher level of engagement as measured by the PassionIndex. The brand values were also well aligned with the marketing plan. Several concepts for sponsorship activation were also tested and the final result was a clear winner.


We suggested the single sponsorship property that the research testing recommended as well as a several strong concepts from the activation side.

Client Action

The bank was able to move forward with a clear focus and understanding of the market needs. it was also a platform for several successful concepts and promotions made made use of the sponsorship.


Several highly successful marketing activities which have met expectations and driven market growth especially in the B2B segment.

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