SponsorMap as a Add-on for a Brand Tracker

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Many existing sponsors already have brand tracking studies that they run on a continuous basis to monitor brand health and business performance. A brand tracking study is based on an on-going quantitative survey where a target market segment is surveyed with key information obtained on consumer behaviour. Such surveys are conducted on-line, face-to-face or by telephone and have been the basis for tracking marketing and business performance for many years.

Information obtained from brand tracking studies generally covers a broad range of topics from the marketing mix as a whole.

These include:

- Brand awareness

- Brand trial, purchase and loyalty

- Advertising awareness

- Purchasing behaviour

- Brand imagery

- Demographics/Psychographics

There are many other types of information that can be collected in a brand tracking study but it does provide a strong basis for a consumer based marketing information system. It highlights important issues for brands that can be addressed in a marketing strategy either tactically or strategically.

When we look at sponsorship, it is important to remember that sponsorship ROI can also be measured through an existing brand tracking study by simply including several sponsorship specific metrics. The key is adding the right metrics to a brand tracker in the first place.

To be specific, the most important metrics are sponsor recall, the PassionIndex and Gratitude Index. They are the most important metrics to capture the essence of sponsorships.


These can be included as an add-on to existing brand tracking studies as they provide useful diagnostics that better able us to determine sponsorship effectiveness because they are based on a combination of recall, passion and appreciation. Simply with more metrics we are better able to measure sponsorship effectiveness than the traditional approach that is simply based on one measure alone (sponsorship recall) to explain everything.

For many sponsors simply improving sponsorship measurement in an existing brand tracker is a simple solution that can dramatically improve insights and demonstrate sponsorship ROI to sponsors. 

SponsorMap has been designed to integrate with existing brand tracking studies and can be easily function as a useful add-on for the brand tracker.








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