SponsorMap Launches Experiential Marketing Measurement Tool

A new tool to evaluate the impact of experiential marketing has been launched this week as part of the SponsorMap range of evaluation tools. SponsorMap Experiential is designed specifically to measure the impact of brand owned experiential marketing events.

Still an emerging concept, experiential marketing involves a target audience member in an event experience related to a brand or product. The goal is to make a “quality brand experience” that creates real engagement where customers are not only exposed to the brand name but also given an opportunity to interact with the brand, absorb the messaging and understand how the brand attributes are relevant to their lives and needs.

“Advertising is rapidly losing its effectiveness as consumers have learned to tune out the bombardment of ads in everyday life, so more and more firms are turning to experiential marketing tactics that are novel enough to catch the attention of the sophisticated consumer’, commented Nicholas Cameron, Director of SponsorMap.

EOn Challenge

“The tool is building on our existing knowledge of event sponsorship that we have developed from our SponsorMap methodology but it also encompasses key word-of-mouth measurements that are especially of value in experiential marketing where WOM impact is considerable.”

The SponsorMap range of tools measure consumers’ passion and gratitude to try and identify the role that sponsorship is having on brands. SponsorMap has been used in more than 20 countries across the globe and is currently partnered with TNS.
There are various modules of SponsorMap ranging from sponsorship pre-testing, tracking, hospitality and event research and also including the PassionIndex, a syndicated report that examines sporting and entertainment passions.

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