SponsorMap™ Lights Ups Event Evaluation in Romania

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In 2007 the event evaluation module SponsorMap™ Live! , was applied in Bucharest Romania to measure the effectiveness a major sponsor of dance parties. The study of attendees was undertaken with pre and post measurement of party goers at the event. The fieldwork was undertaken by Gfk Romania who were very supportive and provided a great deal of support to our team. Some key insights driven from the research were that we were able to benchmark this event against other events using the Passion Index. We were also able to better understand that sponsor appreciation dynamics due to the activation strategy.

One of the more interesting aspects of the study was the use of word of mouth measurement and additional techniques with SponsorMap™ that indicated the extent to which the sponsor was directly targeting trendsetters with the event.

The role of word-of-mouth recommendation from A level social influencers provided a unique perspective.

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