SponsorMap™ vs. Traditional Methods

Generally, adhoc research measures sponsor awareness. SponsorMap™ focuses measurement beyond sponsor awareness to include audience emotional responses such as Passion and Gratitude because these are sponsorship’s ultimate impact on brand. Unlike other measurement approaches, SponsorMap™ isolates sponsorship’s impact on brand by analysing brand shifts in conjunction with these unique sponsorship specific measures.

In turn, this allows us to better assess the overall effectiveness of a sponsorship strategy as part of the overall marketing strategy.

Key to these differences is the relevance and importance of Passion as a consideration and metric for sponsorship measurement. Passion is fundamental to understanding sponsorship. It is after all the soul of events, sports marketing and entertainment; Passion has always been what makes sponsorship so attractive to sponsors. Track the passion, tailor the sponsorship campaign.

The summary of key differences between SponsorMap™ and traditional methods is shown in the table below.

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