Sponsorship Snapshot : Comparative Analysis of Sponsorship Properties

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One of the key requirements for sponsors is to gauge the relative value of properties within their sponsorship portfolio. One of the useful techniques for this is comparative analysis.

In this example, we have a major sponsor that is investing heavily into two different sports. Hypothetically, investing $5 million in each sport sponsorship. One of the things that the sponsor would want to know is how do they compare to each other? What ROI do we receive for our investment in each of these?

Using the SponsorMap framework we learn several useful insights. If top management were to ask the Marketing Team how both sponsorship rate in terms of value we can inform them:

* It costs $1.08 to make a customer aware of our sponsorship with property A vs $1.06 with property B
* It costs $2.63 to reach passionate fans of Property A vs $2.00 with property B
* It costs $8.33 for each customer grateful for our company’s sponsorship of Property A vs $7.14 for Property B

Finally, it costs $3.57 to make a positive customer impression with property A compared to $3.84 with Property B

Interesting facts about the strengths of each sponsored property and not looking at the secondary level of activation that requires additional analysis. It is just some extra evidence that marketing professionals can demonstrate the value of sponsorship itself.

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