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Case Studies for Measuring Sponsorship ROI

SponsorMap provides a methodology to measure sponsorship effectiveness for both sponsors and properties. The attached document provides an overview of SponsorMap and its application for three case studies. Importantly, SponsorMap is applied for to provide meaningful measurements of deliverables from a sponsorship. Some Sponsorship ROI Case Studies View more presentations from SponsorMap.

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Research a Priority in Assessing Sponsorship

Marketing Week, a leading UK marketing magazine is reporting a trend towards much increased use of marketing research in sponsorship “Research is becoming an increasingly important tool to prove the value of sponsorship in an economic environment where investment is coming under greater scrutiny, according to sponsorship professionals. In a panel discussion about demonstrating sponsorship’s […]

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The Power of Appreciation or Gratitude with Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s blog has an interesting illustration of the power of appreciation or sponsor gratitude for marketers to change the rules. Seth remarks, “Why dont local businesses buy $50 worth of quarters now and then and feed all the meters in town just put a little flyer under the windshield wiper. Once you change the […]

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