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Sponsors Need to Step Forward and Take Ownership of the Sponsorship ROI Issue

The issue of measuring sponsorship return on investment has plagued the sponsorship industry for more than two decades. There has been a perception that sponsorship is difficult to measure and that the methodology has been the issue. Often, it has been claimed that research providers are not delivering the type of metrics needed to justify […]

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Research a Priority in Assessing Sponsorship

Marketing Week, a leading UK marketing magazine is reporting a trend towards much increased use of marketing research in sponsorship “Research is becoming an increasingly important tool to prove the value of sponsorship in an economic environment where investment is coming under greater scrutiny, according to sponsorship professionals. In a panel discussion about demonstrating sponsorship’s […]

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Sponsorship Ranks Highly on Trust with Today’s Consumers

There were some very interesting survey findings released recently by AC Nielsen in their Global Online Consumer Survey of more than 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries. What was highlighted was consumers have a very high level of ‘trust’ in sponsorship itself. A full 64 percent of consumers surveyed in April said they trust brand […]

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Corporate Hospitality ROI Measurment

The is no such thing as a free lunch. Today, companies invest millions of dollars with corporate hospitality activities. The question often asked is, "What return on investment are we generating from all this expenditure"? It is a very valid question, especially as people often have quite contrasting views about corporate hospitality, some viewing it […]

22Feb2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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FedEx Increasing Focus on Event Marketing in New Media Landscape

Federal Express has indicated that they are heavily committed to sports sponsorship and marketing as part of their overall marketing programme. Mike Glenn, FedEx executive vice-president for market development revealed in the official FedEx company blog on December 2 that the company is more committed to sports sponsorship and event marketing in the current environment. “We […]

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SponsorMap™ Live!

For event evaluation SponsorMap Live! measures the effectiveness of sponsorship, event performance and sponsorship activation.

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What is SponsorMap™?

SponsorMap™ is a consumer based research tool developed to measure the complex elements of a Property/Brand/Consumer relationship. SponsorMap™ isolates the impact of sponsorship from the marketing mix and provides clear sponsorship return on investment (ROI) for both sponsors and properties alike. Importantly, SponsorMap™ focuses on measuring outcomes rather than inputs to help you better understand […]

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