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Sponsors Need to Step Forward and Take Ownership of the Sponsorship ROI Issue

The issue of measuring sponsorship return on investment has plagued the sponsorship industry for more than two decades. There has been a perception that sponsorship is difficult to measure and that the methodology has been the issue. Often, it has been claimed that research providers are not delivering the type of metrics needed to justify […]

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Sponsorship Ranks Highly on Trust with Today’s Consumers

There were some very interesting survey findings released recently by AC Nielsen in their Global Online Consumer Survey of more than 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries. What was highlighted was consumers have a very high level of ‘trust’ in sponsorship itself. A full 64 percent of consumers surveyed in April said they trust brand […]

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The Problems with Equivalent Media Measurement

Sponsorship is often challenged on what is perceived as a lack of transparency in measuring its effectiveness. Despite the fact we know that sponsorship gets results, when it comes to measuring the results, the results suddenly fade away. Sponsorship struggles to clearly link itself to brand equity changes or articulate its contribution in a brand-centric, […]

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Measuring Appreciation – The Gratitude Index™

Like the PassionIndex™, the GratitudeIndex™ is based on a unique emotional response scale. The GratitudeIndex™ recognises that customer response to sponsorship is often enhanced if the sponsorship is perceived to offer additional value to a customer/consumer. However, design of the scale is strongly influenced by Balance Theory. Observably, most people modify their attitudes to a […]

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