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Case Studies for Measuring Sponsorship ROI

SponsorMap provides a methodology to measure sponsorship effectiveness for both sponsors and properties. The attached document provides an overview of SponsorMap and its application for three case studies. Importantly, SponsorMap is applied for to provide meaningful measurements of deliverables from a sponsorship. Some Sponsorship ROI Case Studies View more presentations from SponsorMap.

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SponsorMap™ Partners with TNS

Last year was a busy year for SponsorMap™ with a major increase in markets conducting research evaluations We added Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia in Europe alone. Due to the heavy demands of last year and the strong interest in the methodology from sponsors, properties, advertising and sports marketing agencies we have decided that […]

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SponsorMap™ vs. Traditional Methods

The fundamental differences between SponsorMap™ and traditional adhoc consumer research practises are bes

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