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Sponsors Need to Step Forward and Take Ownership of the Sponsorship ROI Issue

The issue of measuring sponsorship return on investment has plagued the sponsorship industry for more than two decades. There has been a perception that sponsorship is difficult to measure and that the methodology has been the issue. Often, it has been claimed that research providers are not delivering the type of metrics needed to justify […]

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The Sponsorship ROI Debate

Sponsorship measurement is in a state of rapid change at the moment. Sponsorship ROI is top-of-mind for a lot marketers, with sports marketing and sponsorship under a lot a pressure to demonstrate effectiveness. In September, at the Sports Business Journal Relay Worldwide Sports Sponsorship Symposium in the United States and the Marketing Week Sponsorship Summit […]

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Research a Priority in Assessing Sponsorship

Marketing Week, a leading UK marketing magazine is reporting a trend towards much increased use of marketing research in sponsorship “Research is becoming an increasingly important tool to prove the value of sponsorship in an economic environment where investment is coming under greater scrutiny, according to sponsorship professionals. In a panel discussion about demonstrating sponsorship’s […]

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June Sponsorship ROI Webinars

These are the dates for June’s Sponsorship ROI webinar. The webinar is free and is for those properties, sponsors and agencies seeking to learn more about sponsorship measurement. A presentation is conducted via the internet with a conference call and IM to allow for interaction from participants. The main areas covered include: The Business Case […]

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Sponsorship Research Rethink – Greater Focus on Survey Based Methods

In the past 12 months there has been quite a dramatic shift in the sponsorship landscape underway as there is real pressure applied to the key issue of sponsorship ROI. It has become quite clear that the ability to articulate sponsorship deliverables is ‘the key’ issue for sponsors and properties alike. Marketing Directors and CEOs […]

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Sponsorship ROI and the Language of Sponsorship Effectiveness

In discussing sponsorship ROI, or return on investment one of the most common questions relates to what the objectives are for particular sponsorships and how do these relate to what we call ROI. What is certain is that many sponsors themselves have different desired outcomes and ROI calculations will vary depending on the business. Let’s […]

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Calculating Sponsorship’s Financial ROI

To examine this issue SponsorMap™ begins with the survey respondent first. By analyzing the behaviour change of consumers we can extrapolate at a larger level to derive the overall impact on sales or customer value. This chart below shows how incremental growth is obtained as we look at the increase on key brand metrics and […]

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