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The Sponsorship ROI Question and the London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics 2012 are only a few months away and the eyes of the world will be focused on the world’s best and their quest for medals and Olympic gold. With a global TV audience of over 4 billion, 8 million spectators, 10,000 athletes and more than 200 countries competing London 2012 is the […]

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Evaluating Sponsorship Performance – Some Recent Findings from SponsorMap

The question often asked about sports marketing and sponsorship itself is how effective is it? It is a fairly straightforward question and it really is a something that is a key issue any CEO, Marketing Director, Finance Director would be expected to question. Answering this question does generally require market research as a key component […]

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April Webinar Dates – Measuring Sponsorship ROI Webinars

April will see the start of the monthly sponsorship measurement webinars. The webinar is free and is for those properties, sponsors and agencies seeking to learn more about sponsorship measurement. A presentation is conducted via the internet with a conference call and IM to allow for interaction from participants. The main areas covered include: The […]

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Sponsorship Measurement and ROI Webinars

Beginning in the first week of April we will be running a monthly webinar series on How to Measure Sponsorship Return on Investment. This is a webinar that will provide an introduction to sponsorship measurement for both properties and sponsors. The main areas covered include: – Understanding Sponsorship Theory and how it relates to measurement […]

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Sponsorship ROI and the Language of Sponsorship Effectiveness

In discussing sponsorship ROI, or return on investment one of the most common questions relates to what the objectives are for particular sponsorships and how do these relate to what we call ROI. What is certain is that many sponsors themselves have different desired outcomes and ROI calculations will vary depending on the business. Let’s […]

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Measuring Appreciation – The Gratitude Index™

Like the PassionIndex™, the GratitudeIndex™ is based on a unique emotional response scale. The GratitudeIndex™ recognises that customer response to sponsorship is often enhanced if the sponsorship is perceived to offer additional value to a customer/consumer. However, design of the scale is strongly influenced by Balance Theory. Observably, most people modify their attitudes to a […]

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Measuring Sponsorship’s Return

As a sponsor, is it necessary to measure the impact of a commercial sponsorship investment? After all how many of us believe that sponsorship is sufficiently tangible enough to be measured at all? These are fair questions for the sponsorship industry, as the slower we pursue measuring the value of sponsorship, the quicker we may […]

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