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Sponsors Need to Step Forward and Take Ownership of the Sponsorship ROI Issue

The issue of measuring sponsorship return on investment has plagued the sponsorship industry for more than two decades. There has been a perception that sponsorship is difficult to measure and that the methodology has been the issue. Often, it has been claimed that research providers are not delivering the type of metrics needed to justify […]

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Case Studies for Measuring Sponsorship ROI

SponsorMap provides a methodology to measure sponsorship effectiveness for both sponsors and properties. The attached document provides an overview of SponsorMap and its application for three case studies. Importantly, SponsorMap is applied for to provide meaningful measurements of deliverables from a sponsorship. Some Sponsorship ROI Case Studies View more presentations from SponsorMap.

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‘How to more Effectively Measure Sponsorship ROI – Webinar for Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Agencies

Key areas covered include: – Structuring ROI into the overall sponsorship framework – Setting Realistic and Measurable ROI Objectives – Measuring Sponsorship ROI and working with sponsors – Sample Outputs and success stories There will be a limited number of places available . The length of time for the webinar is expected to be 30 […]

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The Tiger Woods Scandal – Lessons in Sponsorship ROI

In the world of professional golf, the major player of the decade has been Tiger Woods. He has captured the passions of millions of people with his golfing success and contribution to the community over the years. He has enabled many brands to communicate more effectively by being a powerful brand spokesperson and contributed to […]

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The Sponsorship ROI Debate

Sponsorship measurement is in a state of rapid change at the moment. Sponsorship ROI is top-of-mind for a lot marketers, with sports marketing and sponsorship under a lot a pressure to demonstrate effectiveness. In September, at the Sports Business Journal Relay Worldwide Sports Sponsorship Symposium in the United States and the Marketing Week Sponsorship Summit […]

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Man Utd – Signs New Sponsor Despite Tough Economic Environment

When Manchestor United’s troubled sponsor, AIG indicated in January this year that they were not going to renew their sponsorship in May 2010 there were quite a few comments in the broader media that sponsorship was in for a major decline. Very often, the loss of AIG by Man Utd was mentioned in conversation as ‘proof’ […]

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Evaluating Sponsorship Performance – Some Recent Findings from SponsorMap

The question often asked about sports marketing and sponsorship itself is how effective is it? It is a fairly straightforward question and it really is a something that is a key issue any CEO, Marketing Director, Finance Director would be expected to question. Answering this question does generally require market research as a key component […]

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Sponsorship ROI and the Language of Sponsorship Effectiveness

In discussing sponsorship ROI, or return on investment one of the most common questions relates to what the objectives are for particular sponsorships and how do these relate to what we call ROI. What is certain is that many sponsors themselves have different desired outcomes and ROI calculations will vary depending on the business. Let’s […]

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FedEx Increasing Focus on Event Marketing in New Media Landscape

Federal Express has indicated that they are heavily committed to sports sponsorship and marketing as part of their overall marketing programme. Mike Glenn, FedEx executive vice-president for market development revealed in the official FedEx company blog on December 2 that the company is more committed to sports sponsorship and event marketing in the current environment. “We […]

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Martin Sorrell: Sports Marketing the Shining Light for the Advertising Industry

Sir Martin Sorrell, founder and chief executive of the world’s second largest advertising group, has said the economy is “not heading for Armageddon” and major televised sporting events in two years’ time will significantly boost the advertising industry. The television industry is seemingly contradicting the gloom-merchants with pay-TV subscriptions on the up and advertising becoming […]

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